Smart Money Is Buying Gold And Silver, Why?

If you’re tired of losing money in equities then you need to start hedging your assets to protect your families wealth. The United States is in its worst economic time period since the Great Depression. Unemployment is at near record levels with little hope on a recovery in the near future. The payroll numbers are even worse meaning, employees in America are paid 10% less today than they were 3 years ago. With manufacturing and Industrial data looking slower and slower it may take years for the employment situation to strengthen. As for real estate in the US; foreclosures are expected to steadily increase through 2012 increasing the amount of inventory on the market place. As a result home prices are plummeting faster than expected. The government anticipates this problem to linger for the next several years. The debt climbs higher and higher every minute, and Interest rates are near all-time low levels forcing the dollar to weaken in value. This is not to mention the inflationary concerns that still exist. In addition to the double dip recession in the US we have major financial concerns in Europe, and in most major countries around the globe. Truth is we can go on and on with reasons to buy Gold and Silver, the real question is why you wouldn’t want to own precious metals.

Our goal is simple, we want to help teach you how to preserve your wealth.

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